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Cloud Accounting

Our cloud accounting software is perfect for SME’s, sole traders and international organisations
who are interested in shifting their finances into the Cloud. Our Cloud–based software is easy to use,
scalable and cost effective, and can be tailored to meet your specific business needs.
By saying goodbye to old school accounting and embracing the Cloud you can
take full advantage of the benefits that come with the ability to access your data
in real-time, via a browser from anywhere in the world.

The key benefits of Cloud accounting are as follows:

  • Reduced costs – Cloud accounting is proven to be a cost effective solution
    for all enterprises regardless of size. The cloud requires no updates, overhead costs,
    maintenance, version upgrades, system administration costs and server failures
    is no longer an issue – as its all managed within the cloud.
  • Business mobility – cloud accountanting software enables users to access their
    financial date anywhere, at any time. An internet connection is all it takes.
  • Low TCO (total cost of ownership) – cloud accounting software is usually
    subscription based so you can scale according to your company’s needs.
  • Improves Business Performance – the transparency that cloud accountancy
    provides Directors and business managers with the ability to make more
    informed intelligent business decisions.

Our software will transform your business by enabling you to make informed decisions
with accurate data and real-time financial views from the start. Cloud-based accounting
will arm directors and your business’ decision makers with the most Up-to-date reports
and budgets which are easy to view and share among your company. Tasks like sales tax returns
can be completed in a matters of minutes instead of hours. Thus, leaving you to focus
more time into improving your business. Migrating into the cloud will be a positive disruption.

To find out how our Cloud Services can transform the way you do business, contact us today.

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