Strategy & Advisory

Financial Advisory

EIS & SEIS Registration

Financial strategy for business planning

Our routine interaction with you serves as a stepping-stone towards offering initiatives that help you achieve better financial performance.

To enhance the financial planning of your business and ensure its success and profitability, we follow three stages in our strategy:

Accurate forecast model
To determine where you’re now, where you’re heading and what’s a reasonable time to get you there.

Management accounts
With data from your Cloud-based accounting we will determine directions about products, individual activities, operations and tasks.

Strategic implementation
Forecasting, accounting, planning and advice combine to ensure financial viability and boost your market performance.

Additional Services

Board meetings
Monthly management/ board meetings with you will set financial strategies based on historic key performance indicators.

Capital investment
We can advise you on new share capital structure and government schemes such as SEIS/EIS for fundraising. We can also register these schemes with HMRC to help you raise capital.

For business exits we will issue reports and advise accordingly to maximise your return on investments.

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